Margaret Sorter, owner and developer

Margaret Sorter received her BA in math from UC Berkeley, her MBA from York University in Toronto and her Certificate in Web Programming from BCIT. She got hooked on computers and programming during her first full-time job at COMPAL (Computer Power & Light) where she taught classes, sold microcomputers and provided customer support. Since then, she has worked for Xerox, Sony (in Toronto and Japan) and some smaller software houses. She lives in Vancouver, BC with her family and spends as much time as possible in Los Angeles where she grew up.

Her special interest is community websites, so after developing small business websites for over 10 years, she is focusing her work on building village websites using Drupal.

Anna Goren, graphic design consultant

Anna Goren was educated in Britain, at the Sir John Cass School of Art and at the London College of Printing, where she gained a BA with honours in media and production design, specializing in typography. Since that time she has worked as a free-lance graphic designer in Europe and North America, and for over 10 years as a website consultant. Her work is characterized by its clean and clear style and seeming simplicity. She and Margaret have collaborated on a number of projects and is on-call for design advice and input.

Peter Danielson, strategy consultant

Peter Danielson has a B.A. from University of Michigan (Ann Arbor), graduate training at Princeton University, and PhD. from University of Toronto. Having discovered computers by buying his first at Computer Power & Light in LA,  he taught philosophy & computer science at York University in Toronto before moving to UBC where he leads the Applied Computational Ethics Lab in the Centre for Applied Ethics.